I’ve been Busy

I’ve been Busy

Work, school, my websites and so much more going on. I’ve been writing a bit too. I want to get that book done sometime before my time is up.

It’s funny. I should have had that damn thing done three times by now. The problem is that I never like what I end up with and I start over, formatting it differently and I still don’t like it, so I have decided to put the serial killer story on the side for now and try my hand at something different. In fact, my next one is going to be targeted at teens I think. Not that anyone else can’t read it, but I feel like trying to tell a different story than those I have been trying.

We’ll see where it leads. In any case, I’ve been reading a lot lately. In fact, I’m probably putting in at least 3 solid hours a day at it. Lunchtime, breaks, any time I find a few minutes where I am unable to work on one of the sites or my designs. Yes – I have started piecing together designs for shirts and other products – we have them for sale at RedBubble – just click that title to get there if you want to look. A few of them are on Amazon too. I’ll have links for them later.

The biggest change that I am making, is that I am going to start posting reviews of some of those books I have been reading. Additionally,since Marlene and I do most of our shopping online these days, we’re going to start reviewing the things that we buy right here on this site. Whether good or bad, it will be posted here, and we will only be reviewing things that we have tried. If it’s something we didn’t like, and we return it, we’ll tell you why we didn’t like it of course.

Anyway, you should start seeing posts more often. My goal is at least one short story, one book review and one product review each week, time allowing of course, so we’ll see how it goes for a while. Comment on the stories or reviews that you like. NO SPAM. I delete every single one of those on our sites, unless the comment is legitimate, and then I don’t care if you have a link in it or not.

In fact, if you are a website owner, I don’t mind writing a page for you, as long as you allow me to link to my website and in return, I’ll allow you to make a post that will ultimately link back to your site. I’ll go into more detail about that a little later on on another page, so watch for it.