UPDATE: My Journey

UPDATE: My Journey

It’s far too soon in my research to post any worthy update about the journey I have embarked upon, in answering the question as to whether or not we are reincarnated. I can say though, that my research to date has been very inspiring, enlightening, and it reinforces my own beliefs in GOD and the afterlife. There is of course, a bit of difference in what I am now learning, as opposed to what I have learned.

I have decided, that I am going to post updates here on a regular basis, but the bulk of the work, I will be presenting as a book. There is a lot of information. I will not be presenting to you however, what others have already written about. I will not be writing as a believer of reincarnation, nor will I be writing as a disbeliever. I intend to approach the story that I write without bias one way or the other. I have to tell you though, but from what I have learned to date, that is going to be a hard thing to do.

So much of what I already believed ties it with what I have learned to date. You’ll see what I am talking about when the book is published. I am no where near having an estimated date of publication. I am still in the research phase. I can say however, that I know most people are saying “OH, something to profit from”. Well, I have to make a living, but that said, I can tell you that once the book is published, people who have Kindle Unlimited will be able to read it free of charge.

Additionally, I will be giving free copies of the paperback away right here on this website as well, and I will also offer up coupons for discounted copies as well.

My journey so far, as I have already said, has made me smile many times, and in many ways, it has strengthened my faith.