Banking While Black

Banking While Black

As if we didn’t have enough problems in this world of ours, a new one has been brought to my attention, by of all places, YouTube. I watched this video while streaming past episodes of Undercover Boss, a TV show that I used to love watching. It was as if I were meant to see this particular video, because it randomly popped in while I was watching the aforementioned show, and when the video was done, it went back to Undercover Boss again.

So, the video I am speaking of was titled: Banking While Black: Police Video shows how cashing a paycheck led to Handcuffs. You have to watch the video, but it essentially shows how US Bank (who tried to prevent this video from being released) hires racist managers, and in this case, the manager was openly racist, stating “I have you people coming in here trying to cash fake checks all the time.” That’s not an exact quote verbatim, but you can hear what he actually says in watching the video.

I was surprised to look deeper into this issue, which is new to me, to find out just how often this happens. It’s a situation I am definitely going to dig into deeper because now I want to know such things as 1. Does this happen all over the world? 2. What is the end result when it does happen?

In the video, the bank manager went on to tell the police that he called the company to verify the check and that they said it was fake (a blatant lie). When the cop wanted the number to call the company to see what they told him, the bank manager then really did call and the company verified that in fact the check was REAL and LEGIT. US Bank, a trashy bank in my opinion anyway, finally, after many months, issued a statement that nothing the bank manager did was wrong or out of the way. To me, this shows that US Bank really is racist as a whole, and I highly recommend you avoid them at all costs. The Irony of this entire situation? The young man who was trying to cash his check actually had an account with the bank.

I haven’t been able to get in touch with the young man as of yet, though I want to try to get some more background into this issue, I am curious as to how long it took him to close his account and tell them to go to hell. Ultimately, the issue was settled for an undisclosed sum of money, which, as I understand it, the young man is compelled to keep quiet about under the settlement terms.