Scams – Ruining People’s Lives

Scams – Ruining People’s Lives

Ever since people could communicate, there have been scammers. Research shows, as far back as I looked, that people really want to believe that something would work, because it was something they needed at the time, and they would throw good money after nothing.

even today, I see scammers on television selling “Miracle Spring Water”, with the premise being that when you buy this product, all your worries and cares will disappear, tons of money will come your way and more. There is a disclaimer that says “Do not Ingest This Water”. If it’s miracle water, then you should be OK if you did. Right? What saddens me, is that the one selling this drivel is a man of GOD and a minister. A supposed man of trust based on his title I suppose.

I am a man of GOD, and GOD never told me to bring this trash to people in order to separate them from their money. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in his office the day him and his trustee’s came up with this scam. I can hear them laughing now. It saddens me; it really does.

We’re not here to talk about him today though, because I did not order his product and I have not used his product in whatever manner he suggests, so aside from common sense, I have no way of talking about this mess. No, today we are going to talk about scams in general, and to let you know that while I use this site for my personal blog and as a review site, I thought I would take a look at the other side too and add a scam section. Consider me just one more voice, hoping to bring the message of “if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably BULLSHIT.

I was reading an article somewhere online. Sadly, I forget where it was now. Anyway, there was an article on there where the person swears a person could play games, watch some ads, and take home $3000 a week. My initial thought, was “Bullshit. If that’s the case, everybody would be doing it. I then thought about my website, but decided that I didn’t want to post about something, without having the evidence to back it up and prove my point, and so, the category “Scams” was born.

Stay tuned. I am working on the story of my first scam now, and hope to have it completed very soon. Just watch this category for more!