Changes – again

John Derossett - Writer

There’s so much I want to do. I like writing the reviews. I like writing my stories too, but the website was getting so filled up, one was getting lost in the other. So, I decided to buy the .net version of my domain.

On this website (.com), I am going to publish my stories. On the other website (.net) I am going to publish my reviews and such. Whatever is already on that website though is going to stay there, except my poems, which I will bring back over here.

John Derossett - Writer

Everyone that knows me, knows that I like to write about crime. That is my focus on the book I am working on, but a writer likes to write about a lot of different things.

Publishers used to think that readers would become “confused” if a writer writes on more than one topic or genre. I don’t know where that might have come from, and though I think it’s bullshit, I still like to focus on one topic for my own decision.

So, when these other stories start working their way out of me, I will publish them here, so my readers can get an idea of my eclectic taste in writing. You should probably also know that I have literally hundreds of articles posted on other websites as well. These are articles I was hired to write, and I am proud to say that I have written for GMC, Angie’s List, The Family Handyman and I even had a couple of articles published on Taste of Home. I maintain a small portfolio on Clear Voice to highlight some of my best work.