The Catholic Church

Catholic Church

Anyone who knows me knows that I have long said that each individual church purports itself to be the one true church to GOD and that all others are imposters. I have also said that TV evangelists use the word of GOD for their own nefarious purposes as well. That’s what in the end, led me to find the true path to GOD, but I am not here to preach the word of GOD. That’s not my job to do here. I am a writer who chooses to write what I feel like writing about at the time I am writing.

Today’s topic is THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. The Catholic Church is run by some of the biggest hypocrites in the world, from the time it was first conceived. Like many other church leaders, they interpret the Holy Bible in their own way and teach people that it means what the particular preacher that is preaching that day says it means. Still, the “other” preachers are small fish in a big kettle. The Catholic Church is the real worm here, much like Donald Trump, and history proves it time and time again. I’m not talking about Catholic Parishioners. Those people are VICTIMS of the Catholic Church.

Let’s go back in time for a few minutes and you’ll see what I mean. For the sake of brevity, I am only going to go back as far as the 1930s.

We’ll begin with Pope Pius XII and his denial of eyewitness reports that what we now know as the Holocaust was going on. Let’s be real. Leaders in the United States at first denied the truth too, so they weren’t in that boat alone, but still, it’s one of many things that the Catholic Church has turned a blind eye to. Let’s go back a little bit further too – after the white man (yes, I am a white man too), systematically stole the land from the Native American Indians, our wonderful government forced the Native American children into boarding schools to learn how to “be American”. These children became subjects of brutal abuse, being beaten and raped among other things.

Where is the GOD in that? Where is the love, hope, and charity in doing something like that to children? There is none. Let’s talk about the MASSIVE sexual abuse scandals that plagued the Catholic Church for quite some time, and actually still do today, though you don’t hear about it quite as often. I suspect that they are doing a much better job of covering things up than they did in the past. We’re not just talking about a few things going on here and there now mind you. We’re talking about TENS OF THOUSANDS of cases. Church leaders knew this stuff was going on, but chose to cover it up instead.

Throughout the course of history, the Catholic Church as a whole systematically terrorized Jews and Muslims. That’s probably why it was so easy for Pius XII to turn a blind eye to the stories being told by those who witnessed the massacre of literally MILLIONS of JEWS. Churches are supposed to be about peace and living in harmony together, but the Catholic Church has its fair share of wars started as much as any warmonger from any country.

Even Pope Boniface VIII had his fair share of so-called sexual deviance, having been in situations like three-way sex with mothers and daughters. This pretty much sums up the fact that the Catholic Church is led not only by cruel men and the ranks of the nuns have their fair share of cruel women, but they are mostly pretty much sexual deviants.

So, the bottom line to the leaders of the Catholic Church is don’t go around thinking that you and your church are holier than thou, because believe me brothers and sisters, and the world knows, you leaders are at the bottom of the pile. AND STOP TRYING TO TEACH FEAR OF GOD. The GOD I know loves the people and he wants their love back, not fear.