Donald Trump is a Moron

John Derossett - Writer

It’s been a while since I have written anything, but when I do, I come out fighting. To be fair to Donald Trump, I have hated him since the late 80s, so this has nothing to do with his presidency in the past, although I can’t think of one single thing the idiot did for the country.

Then, being the sore loser that he is, and spouting about the real news being fake news and fake news being the real news, he incited a riot on national television. Don’t get me wrong though. This IS NOT a pro-Biden post. I hate all politicians. Yes, I vote. I try to vote for who I think will do the best job. Barring that, because we haven’t had any that I think will do a good job, then I have to vote the lesser of the two evils.

This year, I will likely vote for the independent party. I haven’t decided yet. The thing is, I know that party will lose simply because there are not enough supporters of that party yet. Let’s face it – generally speaking, the one that wins is the one that raises the most money for his or her campaign. Sometimes, even when the popular vote says a person is going to win the office, the electoral college proves us all wrong. In that case, the electoral college goes against what the people want, so perhaps we should consider amending the U.S. Constitution to get rid of the electoral college.

But, I digress. The topic of the day is Donald Trump. Tomorrow’s topic will be Joe Biden for those who are interested. I don’t think much of him either.

Donald Trump has done so much business with the mafia in New York (let’s face it – he had to), that he believes he is like them and untouchable. He may very well escape prison, and let’s face that too, I don’t wish that on anyone. He has to be held accountable for the shit he does though. He’s told so many lies throughout his career that he no longer even knows the real truth. His kids can’t know the truth either because of the years of lies he’s told.

He’s ripped the public off for millions of dollars. I’m surprised he can even get a lawyer – he’s stiffed so many of them for millions of dollars. In his book, he acknowledged ties with “Fat” Tony Salerno, and Paul Castellano, both part of the mob in the Genovese and Gambino families respectively. He’s come to believe that he is a Mafia Don himself. I think he really believes that, and so far, the criminal cases prove it, with him still on the streets and so many of his cronies and lackeys in jail for shit he had them do, including at least one attorney.

Look at Rudy Giuliani. That clown, who was once respected politically, took a fast spiral downward after publicly, and in court arguing that the election was rigged, causing him to lose his law license in New York, and fighting to keep his license in Washington, D.C. I think he should be permanently disbarred. Trump stiffed him too for a couple of million dollars leaving Giuliani pretty much destitute. It’s been reported that he will be paying as much as 148 million dollars in lawsuits after he was sued by two election workers because he accused them of election fraud publicly and that resulted in death threats to both. He doesn’t have the money to pay that or any of the other lawsuits he has faced, or will be facing based on the great election lies.

Then Donald Trump has the balls to stand on national television, with that goofy ass grin he has, and his fake hair piece, with his lips, nearly clenched together, saying “I did nothing wrong”. Of course, you didn’t – you had your flunkies do it. That’s exactly why a RICO case should be brought against him because with all the people that have gone to prison for him, in his name, were following orders put out by him, and so ladies and gentlemen, he fits the requirements for a RICO case.

I’m sorry folks – like it, don’t like it. It is what it is and Trump is what he is A MORON with Adolf Hitler-like tendencies.