95 Billion Dollars in Foreign Aid

95 Billion Dollar Foreign Aid package

So the U.S. approves a foreign aid package of 95 billion dollars to help other countries. I get it. They are allies that we may need when World War 3 eventually happens. And it will. Maybe not in our lifetimes, but it will come to pass. There’s too much bullshit going on in the world today. Sorry folks, for the cursing, but it is what it is.

The fact of the matter is, we have people here, that could use the help of that 95 billion dollars. Senior citizens who eat very little – look at the senior population. Very few of them are what we would call fat.

Some seniors, unless they get Medi-Cal, and I am speaking only of California, who have co-pays for their prescriptions. Those who don’t get the extra help from the State, suffer with deciding on whether they want to eat or buy their prescriptions. It’s very real folks, and nobody sees it for what it really is.

It’s ridiculous to have families who cannot afford to pay rent living on the streets, and I am not talking about those who choose to live on the streets and use drugs, because God knows we have our fair share of that population.

It’s ridiculous that senior citizens struggle to pay high utility bills, and that includes the water bill, which is ridiculously high in Hemet, California.

95 billion dollars, a sizable portion of that in “forgivable” loans that mean the country will never see that money again. The social security system has been screwed ever since various politicians started plundering the fund for other uses. Money that will never be returned, so there are people out there who are forced to latch onto other services because their 700-dollar monthly check can’t come anywhere close to covering the bills. Even those who get 1500++ dollars a month are screwed.

You know why? Out of those little tiny checks, they deduct $172.00 per month for Medicare, which barely covers anything, forcing you to get some sort of medicare coverage that actually barely takes care of anything because it’s some sort of idiotic HMO that really covers nothing, and you are forced to do what the doctors say, without getting any real care because they have to “keep costs low”, so services that you really need get set aside. Doctors – let’s talk about them for a minute. Really, they are victims too, because they are forced to act in this manner because of Medicare – KEEP COSTS LOW. The bedside manner IS GONE.

When you go to a doctor’s visit, you usually share your appointment time with 3 or 4 other people because it’s all about numbers for them. In 4 years in California, I have NEVER had a doctor actually touch me, check my lungs or anything else. What happened to the examination you are supposed to get? They take blood pressure and a pulse along with checking your oxygen level and that’s about it. It really pisses me off, and we are sending 95 billion dollars to other countries so they can fight wars. We have soldiers fighting overseas in the wars of other countries! WHY??? It’s not our war – just like Vietnam – we’re sending people overseas, no one knows who the true enemy is, and our guys are coming back with missing limbs and other issues.

I’m ranting now, so I’m going to close this off, but we need that 95 billion dollars HERE.