My Dad – A poem Written by John Derossett

Johnny E Derossett Sr

I miss you much,
The memories are my only companion,
I did not become what you wanted me to be,
I regret, as I clasp my hands to grieve

As the hopelessness eats away,
I clasp my hands and pray,
I hope to see you once again,
But I am still here.

I think about it every night,
I am not a saint,
nor even good,
Dearly departed

The anguish of loss tortures me,
I wish I would have called sooner,
Your memories wash away my tears,
But my life now is without humor.

The anguish tortures,
It leaves a heavy heart,
I should have realized sooner,
That at some point we would part.

I remember best, the smiles you had,
There’s never been a better Dad,
The tears roll down my cheeks,
Because I am so sad.