My Pretty Mom

Evelyn Delores Derossett

My pretty mom, you inspire me to write,
how I love the way you smiled at us,
I love your smiling face and eyes,
and the dimples that appeared.

No longer will we see that smiling face,
except in memories gone by,
I often sit around the house,
with tears running from my eyes.

Time wasted over the years,
as we traveled and did our own thing,
we talked a lot on the phone,
but it never was the same.

Thoughts of you invade my mind,
both day and night,
I sit and struggle not to cry,
No matter what I do, I always lose the fight.

I love the way you used to dance,
it brings a smile to my face,
but I always conclude in my mind,
you’re in a better place.

Earth is a misery, without those I love,
But try I must to get along,
for you are up above,

Now I must say with a tearful heart,
Remember my loving words while we’re apart